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Posted by Brindamour Alyson on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 17:14:00

Community Events Blogs. Microsoft Learn Login with a local user account on Azure AD joined Windows 10 machine; You can create a local account the "old" way, and then to login with it, you need to add the prefix "local\" e.g. local\administrator Best Response confirmed by Simon_L

Since installing the Windows app, I now have to login with a password every time I boot my computer. This wasn't the case before. I've tried several means of removing the login, but it keeps coming back. THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!!! Is Fitbit forcing me to logon to their website everytime I logon to my computer?

Browse Community Language EN. OptiPlex 7050, Windows 10, after login, black screen with mouse cursor Hi All, Hoping someone here has run into the same issue. I have installed 3 OptiPlex 7050's this week and have run into the same issue on all of them.

I'm actually using Windows 10 Build 17025 (Fall Creators) and I installed True Key on my computer. I use Windows Hello and have a PIN with letters and numbers activated. Unfortunately, True Key is unable to log me in. It's asking me my password to allow the login, I tried my Microsoft's password and my PIN, none of them worked.

We just bought an OptiPlex 7050 with Windows 10 and have the black screen issue. We did update Windows to 1803. Dell support told us to roll back Windows to the initial install point and turn off Windows updates. Rolling back did fix the issue but we can't keep Windows updates off. Dell Support told us to contact Microsoft. :TongueTied:

Upgraded two of my machines to Windows 10 yesterday, and have been unable to connect to either one remotely via Logmein since. I get a "login failed" message with a reconnect button (which, when clicked produces the same login failed message), and a close button.