Cant Login Shopify

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Cant Login Shopify

Posted by Buis Angelette on Friday, 21 February, 2020 17:03:56

I came here to post the same thing, I can't login as of about a half hour ago Need to finish this theme for my clients!

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I signed up to spotify and created a premium account using my facebook credentials, unfortunatly I can't login to the app. When I click on the login using facebook button it opens safar and attempts to pull up facebook so I can login but the stupid thing just sits there and spins.

What is my Shopify login url? A: Look for the welcome email from Shopify when you open your free trial. Click on the link in the bottom of the email, and bookmark the "admin" backend url.

Knowledge Base; Shopify; Logging in to Shopify. The way that you log in to Shopify depends on the device you are using to access your store. Given below are the sets of instructions to log in to Shopify admin from your desktop as well as from your Android/iOS device.

Hello, guys! I had the same troubles, trying to connect via Shopify website. I couldn't manage it, because I couldn't complete the final stage: I put "agree" with terms and conditions of FB, but the page reloaded again and again. So I disconnected my account and did it again via iPad (Shopify app). And I managed it in several seconds!