Can I Simultaneously Login Into Another Gmail Accounts

How to Sign Into to Multiple Google Accounts at Once

Can I Simultaneously Login Into Another Gmail Accounts

Posted by Brassel Adrienne on Sunday, 23 February, 2020 16:37:36

In the list of linked accounts, choose the email address for your other Gmail account. The Gmail inbox for your other account will appear in the browser window. As an alternative, forward all your mail to one Gmail account and set up that account so that it sends from the other addresses.

You need to open a new private window to access another Gmail account. In this way, you can use multiple accounts.

You can have as many Gmail accounts as you want, but you must either forward the mail to a single account, or remember to check the new account frequently. This will be described in a separate tip. You can also configure the email client on your computer to check all your Gmail accounts.

Click on your photo at the top right corner. Click on Add account. New tab opens with login page of Gmail and login with another Gmail account. In this way we can use multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously.

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Indeed, I can actually log into two different gmail accounts simultaneously using this method. The only significant difference I can see in the way I do this, is I go straight to gmail via the following URL instead of using the main Google one.